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Well, Yeah…

As the title states, I won’t even try to explain myself. There’s no excuse, afterall.

Anyway, what have I done since January (when I last posted something)? A lot of things.

I bought a lot of games, books, comics, cds…as usual. I’m way less occupied now, so I’ll be giving the blog enough attention, once for all. And I’m serious now. I will be starting to play Warhammer soon! And I’m excited. Can’t wait to create my army and engage in epic battles. Well, stay tuned for battle reports and such  😀

I also got hold of a lot of new great bands, that I’m intending on reviewing soon. Oh, I’m learning Faroese. And my Danish has improved. A lot. Há. So many things, oh dear.


Enough of that. Let’s write a post, finally!







I’m getting really excited to get it. I can’t wait to put my hands on one of these.

How’bout you? Does Nintendo 3DS getting your attention aswell?

Enjoy the video nonetheless, folks.

Heya Earth-Citizens.

Finally, after a lot of expeculation, the new Nintendo’s portable videogame-system is seen showing what it’s capable of. There’re two games being shown at the “2011’s Nintendo World Exhibition” and honestly, it looks great.

Nintendo knows their stuff and knows how to please their consumers (most of the time, at least) betting on retrieve the classics, such as Zelda – Ocarina of Time, and I am pretty sure there will be more remakes to come on the 3DS in the future. This approach was already been seen with the Nintendo Wii, in which lately has been hittin’ hard on the “Nostalgia Factor” and well, it has been working pretty well.

Donkey Kong Returns was great! Thanks Nintendo!

But enough talk. Let’s see the new “Mario Kart” for the Nintendo 3DS aswell as the previously mentioned “Zelda – Ocarina of Time” Remake. See for yourself;


The most exciting thing, to me, is that I’ll be able to buy a videogame console on it’s launch-day. I’ve never done that, if I remember correctly. That will be pure awesomeness. Seems like they mastered the “3D-effect without using the glasses thingie”, so I can’t wait to have my hands on one of these.

Nonetheless, I hope you liked it. Don’t be shy and share you opinion towards the Nintendo 3DS matter. You loved it? You hated it?. I’d like to know, that’d be great.



Ok, I gotta be honest with you guys…

I’ve lied to you. In fact, I did! Sorry’bout the recklessness I had with the Blog. The thing is, I got busy. I mean, ridiculously busy. That sounds like an excuse and that’s because…it is an cheap-ass excuse!

Well, anyway, I’m on vacation now and this year will be really interesting to me, that’s for sure. I manage to organize my time a little better and all that, so I’ll be giving the attention and work the Blog deserves.

Mind you, I had a quite astonishing number of e-mails from people asking (and cursing me) “Why I am such a lazy bastard who do not update the blog”, so yeah. Thanks. Oh, the one I liked the best was;

“You’re a fucking piece of smelly-poop if you do not update the blog, bitch. Thank you.”

Pure awesomeness! Anyhow, I am truly back, adorable e-ones. I’ll be start to posting normally by tomorrow with the “Random Video of the Week” post, which will be…as random as any other one..




I’m finally back! College has been punching me in the face, so I haven’t been able to post anything. Sorry, 2 people who follow the blog.

I’ll be posting something soon, including the missing “Random Video of the Week” and some review.

Best Regards;

What I picked up recently…

Yei! Another Series! I love those, for sure.

Anyway, I gotta say that has been quite a while since the last post. I’m not really putting the attention I’d liked to on the blog lately. The reason being, I’ve been working. A lot. Yes.
So, yeah. If wasn’t for the money I own through the “Hard Road of Work” though, I wouldn’t have bought a Nintendo DS lite! RAWR!

Nintendo DS lite

Emulation, here I go!

I will finally be able to play games wherever I want and level-up my character while at the bus to college, considering it’s a 30 min+ trip. That’s awesome.

…I also manage to get a copy of a rare NES game. Dragon Warrior IV. There’s only one missing now \o/

Dragon Warrior IV, hard son-of-a-bitch!

Last, but not least, the amazing Playstation shooter Eihänder. What a great game. God, I miss the Playstation-era 😀

Showing that 3D shooters can also be good

Well, that’s all from me for right now, I gotta play those games while I got time! Hope you liked.

Signing Out.



Holy cow!

This is an epic day. An important day to good music’s history.
Blind Guardian, one of the greatest bands around, IMHO, released their new album called “At the Edge of Time”.

I am a ‘bard’ since the flawless “Nightfall in Middle-Earth”. I remember as if it was yesterday, back in 98′, a friend of mine showing the cover-art, explaining the concept the album had and finally; Pressing play. Needless to say, I already was into RPG at that time and…well, I was blown away. Hansi’s tone did (and mind you, still does) sound as it was tube-amplified. Guitars were screamy, had a great low-tone, high-gain distortions and most importantly, were well produced. Drums were unexplicable. I had never heard anything like that before. I thought to myself “Is this real?” That 8 year-old boy was caught there. I was totally immersed in their melodies. Even to this date, “NiME” is my favorite album. I can pop this fucker in, any day 😀

Enough with the background. Their new album is out. I can’t believe it. I haven’t heard it all yet, actually I’m listening to it while I type this. I’m fuken liking so far. I can garantee one thing, though, it is ridiculously epic. I might say, as epic as never before. I’m really impressed. Follow me on Twitter, if you will, for more thoughts on the individual songs and such! GO BARDS! If you are interested in buying it, do so; Here. They deserve it, afterall 😀 Thanks in advance!

Bards we are! Bards we will be!


Trine 2 on it’s way!


I was so focused on the Nintendo conference with it’s Retro-Festival and awesome host; Reggie Fils-Aime, that I overlooked the sequel of a game that I absolutely love. Trine.

If you never heard of it, Trine is a 2009’s physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics – each character’s different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to overcome obstacles and save the kingdom!

Looks simple, but isn’t. If you wanna know more about the game and/or wanna try it out , download the demo here. Give it a try. Be careful though, you will definitely be sucked in      😀

Anyway, this already awesome game looks even more awesome on it’s follow up, a really impressive job from our folks at Atlus. Thank you again, btw.

…yeah. And here is the video. Enjoy.

Isn’t that a gorgeous looking game? With a good plot and characters? Hell Yeah it is!
If you liked it, buy and download it in 2011. I can’t wait! RAWR!

Signing out.

On Control

Hello you all, e-people who happen to be reading this. I am excited, that’s all I can say.

We’ve seen -I am hoping you’ve seen- a lot of controller on the “Evolution of Game Controllers” post. Indeed, there’re a lot of controllers. But again, which Controller do you like best?
To me it’s the Sega Saturn Controller. It cannot be beaten. It is the perfect-tool, the gamer’s trusty-tool for destroying evil sorcerers, jump-around, shoot and save the princess. I know, I know, some of you are saying “Shut up, you ass-face, it’s not” and will want to punch me in the face. But remember, it’s just an opinion.

Anyway, the Sega Saturn controller (let’s call it “SSC” for short :3) is overlooked and underrated. Most gamers blindly go for the PS2 controller, it’s a fact. Even though not being bad, don’t get me wrong -it’s not- the SSC can be used to play ANY type of game way more awesomely. It has a terrific D-Pad, the size’n shape are perfect, it fits nicely on your hands, and the buttons are great. See for yourself..

Having this in mind, I wanted to play with it on my original XBOX, since it’s controller sucks-ass for playing retro-games, is gigantic (yeah, my hands are kinda small ._.) and since I play XBOX the most, for conventional reasons.
My dream came true. I finally was able to grab one of the rare-to-find “MagicBoxes”. I had to have it.

– “Hey you, blog-guy, what is this “MagicBox”-shit?” You ask?

It’s an awesome adapter that let us connect; Sega Saturn, PS2 and Sega Dreamcast controllers on the XBOX.

I already manage to get an Arcade-Stick to work on the XBOX, so, it’s all set. I can play my Arcade and my Console games properly, as I’ve always wanted! RAWR!

I just wanted to share my happiness with you all. When it finally-arrives here in the Dungeon, I’ll definitely be posting some photos and perhaps, a video, but that’s all by now. HURRAY!!!

Signing out.