Well, Yeah…

As the title states, I won’t even try to explain myself. There’s no excuse, afterall.

Anyway, what have I done since January (when I last posted something)? A lot of things.

I bought a lot of games, books, comics, cds…as usual. I’m way less occupied now, so I’ll be giving the blog enough attention, once for all. And I’m serious now. I will be starting to play Warhammer soon! And I’m excited. Can’t wait to create my army and engage in epic battles. Well, stay tuned for battle reports and such  😀

I also got hold of a lot of new great bands, that I’m intending on reviewing soon. Oh, I’m learning Faroese. And my Danish has improved. A lot. Há. So many things, oh dear.


Enough of that. Let’s write a post, finally!