Hi there e-ones.

Most of us gamers need food in order to survive. “Eat” is vital  to continue alive. Logically we wanna be alive to play more and more awesome videogames. The problem is, food came from a source of energy or health all the way to be a controller-greasier. Nothing is nastier than a controller with disgusting food thingies all over it.

Well,  I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 videogame foods. Foods that give you the energy you need for that 18 hour Metroid marathon without turnin’ your controller into a total-mess.

Here we go!


#5 – Pringles

The variety of flavors is quite amazing

#4 – Lambertz Chocolate-Pretzels

Delicious Teutonic-goodie

#3 – Pizza-Rolls


That is a must. Practical and tasty



#2 – Home-made pasta


That’s what you need for gaming-marathons



#1 – Good’n old home-made Sandwich





If you got a favorite gaming-food aswell, don’t be shy! Share with us!

Happy eating! Say no to greasing-controllers!