Heya Earth-Citizens.

Finally, after a lot of expeculation, the new Nintendo’s portable videogame-system is seen showing what it’s capable of. There’re two games being shown at the “2011’s Nintendo World Exhibition” and honestly, it looks great.

Nintendo knows their stuff and knows how to please their consumers (most of the time, at least) betting on retrieve the classics, such as Zelda – Ocarina of Time, and I am pretty sure there will be more remakes to come on the 3DS in the future. This approach was already been seen with the Nintendo Wii, in which lately has been hittin’ hard on the “Nostalgia Factor” and well, it has been working pretty well.

Donkey Kong Returns was great! Thanks Nintendo!

But enough talk. Let’s see the new “Mario Kart” for the Nintendo 3DS aswell as the previously mentioned “Zelda – Ocarina of Time” Remake. See for yourself;


The most exciting thing, to me, is that I’ll be able to buy a videogame console on it’s launch-day. I’ve never done that, if I remember correctly. That will be pure awesomeness. Seems like they mastered the “3D-effect without using the glasses thingie”, so I can’t wait to have my hands on one of these.

Nonetheless, I hope you liked it. Don’t be shy and share you opinion towards the Nintendo 3DS matter. You loved it? You hated it?. I’d like to know, that’d be great.