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I’m finally back! College has been punching me in the face, so I haven’t been able to post anything. Sorry, 2 people who follow the blog.

I’ll be posting something soon, including the missing “Random Video of the Week” and some review.

Best Regards;


What I picked up recently…

Yei! Another Series! I love those, for sure.

Anyway, I gotta say that has been quite a while since the last post. I’m not really putting the attention I’d liked to on the blog lately. The reason being, I’ve been working. A lot. Yes.
So, yeah. If wasn’t for the money I own through the “Hard Road of Work” though, I wouldn’t have bought a Nintendo DS lite! RAWR!

Nintendo DS lite

Emulation, here I go!

I will finally be able to play games wherever I want and level-up my character while at the bus to college, considering it’s a 30 min+ trip. That’s awesome.

…I also manage to get a copy of a rare NES game. Dragon Warrior IV. There’s only one missing now \o/

Dragon Warrior IV, hard son-of-a-bitch!

Last, but not least, the amazing Playstation shooter EihĂ€nder. What a great game. God, I miss the Playstation-era 😀

Showing that 3D shooters can also be good

Well, that’s all from me for right now, I gotta play those games while I got time! Hope you liked.

Signing Out.