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Game of Thrones


That was the sound made when the fairly ‘unknown’ piece of art hit the face of the masses through the giant HBO. It was like, a bomb of awesomeness. George R.R Martin’s epic tale was, unbelievably, poorly known till the series come up.  Now, there are people all around the world watching, reading and cheer-leading this legacy, which is “Game of Thrones“. So, but so complex that there could be way more books than “only” 7  books (which is the saga’s length), explaining with even more detail the vast land and the rich characters. Well, “detail” is the key-word here. It’s almost absurd. It’s even more detailed than Tolkien’s Work, but somewhat in the same venue of story-telling, which is not a bad thing. At all.

Speaking of Tolkien, Martin’s himself said he is a huge fan of the man’s work, and isn’t ashamed of stating that; “Game of Thrones would not be possible without Tolkien“. The man is proud of getting inspiration of such an incredible writer/person, that Tolkien was. That clearly shows how humble, honest and down-to-earth Martin really is. That alone should make you like the guy and read his stuff. Honesty, vivid character, intriguing. He and his work. All there’s to it.

Anyhow, the announcement of the series wasn’t any surprise to me. Actually, I don’t know why they didn’t come up with that early. I first knew about “Game of Thrones” in 1998 or such. I was really into fantasy, RPG, medieval-thingies in general at that time (in fact, still am) and a friend of mine, who was older than me, got the first book. I remember as it was yesterday, we sitting in his basement, drinking some cold Coke-Cola, eating Sandwich and preparing the RPG-section of the night, while waiting the others to arrive, he tells me of his new book;

Hey, check this out”   – he says.

He then helped me to understand the synopsis, considering there only was an English version and my English-skills were pretty limited at the time (I was 8 years old), and damn, I gotta tell’ya, I was hooked right there. I remember that I asked him if he could lend it to me after he had read, full of excitement. I practiced my Reading-Skills as much as I could.

Making the long story short. I read the first book off of him, bought the second one, the third one….I only wish I hadn’t lost’em. I really liked the history. Could definitely spot the Tolkien-Twist to it, which was awesome. I also was really into “Lord of the Rings“, so reading something as good, was mind-blowing.

14 years later, here I am, buying the book’s re-issues. I bough’em as soon as they were out and have been re-reading’em ever since as well. Memories, sweet old memories. The funny thing is, when I went to the Book-Store, there were some skinny-dudes talking while I was at the checkout. Suddenly, they start talking about how “people are starting to buy the books due to the series’s success” and “how they were so awesome for watching the show”.

The thing is; The hype bothers me. Yes, it truly does. People without personality do not deserve any respect. Doing what people are doing/saying just for the sake of “being cool” and “be fashioned” makes my blood boil. Makes me want to punch their faces. There’re lots of people watching the show without not even knowing the books and talking like they know something. It’s hilarious and pathetic, but people like that ruin anything and everything. I mean, damn. Anyway, I won’t waste my time with Hipsters. If you are one of those though, listen; “You’re not cool and will never be. Get out of here”  😀

To wrap things up. “Game of Thrones” is phenomenal. And yes, I liked the TV-Show. Very much. They did capture the essence of the book. Martin’s himself is one of the directors, so I won’t argue with the man himself.

If you haven’t seen already, you’re wasting big time. And well, the books are better 😀

Try’em aswell.

And remember, the winter is coming!


Here’s an example of how dumb people really are. Such an amazing, Breath-Taking band in all regards, highly unknown. Thus I present to you “Dice”, an incredible 70thies prog-rock band from Sweden.

One of the most complex bands of the gender, no doubt (even more than “Focus”, IMHO”).


Well, Yeah…

As the title states, I won’t even try to explain myself. There’s no excuse, afterall.

Anyway, what have I done since January (when I last posted something)? A lot of things.

I bought a lot of games, books, comics, cds…as usual. I’m way less occupied now, so I’ll be giving the blog enough attention, once for all. And I’m serious now. I will be starting to play Warhammer soon! And I’m excited. Can’t wait to create my army and engage in epic battles. Well, stay tuned for battle reports and such  😀

I also got hold of a lot of new great bands, that I’m intending on reviewing soon. Oh, I’m learning Faroese. And my Danish has improved. A lot. Há. So many things, oh dear.


Enough of that. Let’s write a post, finally!






I’m getting really excited to get it. I can’t wait to put my hands on one of these.

How’bout you? Does Nintendo 3DS getting your attention aswell?

Enjoy the video nonetheless, folks.

  • Fighting Fantasy (Nintendo DS)


Awesome early-90's PC-Game flavor

  • Final Fantasy Rings of Fate – Multiplayer  (Nintendo DS)

Great multiplayer-action

  • Radiant Silvergun (Sega Saturn)

Finest spaceship-shooter on Sega Saturn

Pure awesomeness, hei     😀

Leo is out to play those awesome games.

Hi there e-ones.

Most of us gamers need food in order to survive. “Eat” is vital  to continue alive. Logically we wanna be alive to play more and more awesome videogames. The problem is, food came from a source of energy or health all the way to be a controller-greasier. Nothing is nastier than a controller with disgusting food thingies all over it.

Well,  I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 videogame foods. Foods that give you the energy you need for that 18 hour Metroid marathon without turnin’ your controller into a total-mess.

Here we go!


#5 – Pringles

The variety of flavors is quite amazing

#4 – Lambertz Chocolate-Pretzels

Delicious Teutonic-goodie

#3 – Pizza-Rolls


That is a must. Practical and tasty



#2 – Home-made pasta


That’s what you need for gaming-marathons



#1 – Good’n old home-made Sandwich





If you got a favorite gaming-food aswell, don’t be shy! Share with us!

Happy eating! Say no to greasing-controllers!



“Over the past week, large areas of Australia’s eastern seaboard have been ravaged by floods.Billions of dollars worth of damage has been done, and sitting quietly amidst that tally is this man’s retro gaming hardware collection.

Aussie collector NFG’s house in Queensland was among those affected, flood waters getting into his home and destroying many of his personal belongings. Among those belongings was an amazing collection of retro gaming hardware, once a glittering array of the medium’s past, now a worthless pile of mud-soaked plastic and chipboards (and rare Nintendo hanafuda cards).

PC-Engines, old Sega consoles, Neo Geos, Spectrums, FM Town Martys, old Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds…all gone. You can check out the damage in the gallery below.

The floods so far have cost twenty lives, with grave fears for dozens more still reported missing. To give you an idea of the scale of the disaster, late last week the total area of the state of Queensland lying underwater was larger than that of Germany and France put together.”


Damn. That was terrible. If you have got a strong heart and stomach, check the photos out here.

All brought to you by kotaku.

Signing out.

Awesome Indie-Games #1

G’morning Earthlings;
How are you doing today? I hope your thumbs are sore from all the gamin’ you’re getting! 😀

Anyway, I do love “Indie Games“. And as you may noticed, I do love series aswell. This series will cover those Independent video game development which basically is the process of creating video games without the financial support of a video game publisher. For you who don’t know much of that, Minecraft is an Indie-Game. It’s actually the most successful Indie-Game in the existence, and has sold over 1 million copies. Amazing, huh? Oh, you don’t know what-the-heck Minecraft is? Oh, you’re living under a rock then, buddy. A rock not worth livin’ under.
Well, another example of a famous Indie-Game is the “The Humble Indie Bundle“. This one has an interesting feature, being “Pay what you want” for the Bundle. Even though I, you, we could get those games for free on some Torrent website, it’s great to be able to support’em. They work hard on their stuff and deserve recognition, for sure. You’ll see how few bucks can give you almost endless fun. You can get more into that here and sure, Google is your friend if you wanna really go deep into the subject. I totally recommend you doin’ so.

But well, I am not here to talk’bout Minecraft nor Indie-Games as a whole. I briefly explain the reasons for me to like’em, gave you some examples and all, but the best comes for last.

I wanna recommend to you guys a game I stumbled across last week and I find it addicting and awesome. It has a delicious retro-feel’n look to it aswell as a recognizable graphics-style, right from the ZX-Spectrum, MSX and all those type of computers, which were the precursors of Isometric-adventure-games, btw.

The plot is consistent and grabs you almost instantly. The game is inventive, and really rewards you for exploring. As the developer briefly explains;

In the 13th century, the Cathars, who preach about good Christian beliefs, were being expelled by the Catholic Church out of the Languedoc region in France.
One of them, called Jean Raymond, found an old church in which to hide, not knowing that beneath its ruins lay buried an ancient evil.

Oh, believe me, this simple plot grabs you and don’t let go.

Anyhow, I’d love to give you more details of the game, but I gave it away too much already. I don’t want to ruin your gaming-experience, I want it to be as spoiler-free as possible. If you are interested in playing the game, and I don’t know why you shouldn’t, download it and know more about the developers and all that good stuff here. He also made another games, this time a spaceship-shooter called “Hydorah”, which is equally awesome. If you like good retro-style-games, wait no further. Play’em, you won’t regret it.

Cheers and good gaming!



Heya Earth-Citizens.

Finally, after a lot of expeculation, the new Nintendo’s portable videogame-system is seen showing what it’s capable of. There’re two games being shown at the “2011’s Nintendo World Exhibition” and honestly, it looks great.

Nintendo knows their stuff and knows how to please their consumers (most of the time, at least) betting on retrieve the classics, such as Zelda – Ocarina of Time, and I am pretty sure there will be more remakes to come on the 3DS in the future. This approach was already been seen with the Nintendo Wii, in which lately has been hittin’ hard on the “Nostalgia Factor” and well, it has been working pretty well.

Donkey Kong Returns was great! Thanks Nintendo!

But enough talk. Let’s see the new “Mario Kart” for the Nintendo 3DS aswell as the previously mentioned “Zelda – Ocarina of Time” Remake. See for yourself;


The most exciting thing, to me, is that I’ll be able to buy a videogame console on it’s launch-day. I’ve never done that, if I remember correctly. That will be pure awesomeness. Seems like they mastered the “3D-effect without using the glasses thingie”, so I can’t wait to have my hands on one of these.

Nonetheless, I hope you liked it. Don’t be shy and share you opinion towards the Nintendo 3DS matter. You loved it? You hated it?. I’d like to know, that’d be great.


Glock 22 .40 New Generation.

All there’s to say’bout it. Enjoy.

Glock, my best-friend.